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AXOM LIGHTS SRLS is a company specializing in the design, research and manufacturing of high efficiency commercial LED lighting products operating worldwide. With years of experience, AXOM LIGHTS offers LED fittings, manufactured using high quality materials and designed to meet the highest performance standards.

Our products are often “”Custom made”” and highlight design and overall technical performance as their leading characteristics that differentiate them from our competitors.

Axom lights
certified company

Certified experts in innovative lighting solutions for modern spaces.

12 years+

Leveraging 12+ years of experience to deliver cutting-edge lighting solutions for modern spaces.

High Customer

Delivering cutting-edge lighting solutions with a focus on high customer satisfaction.

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Axom Worldwide.

Welcome to AXOM LIGHTS SRLS, a big LED lighting brand with manufacturing and supplying expertise in innovative, effective, and high-quality lighting solutions for your Business or Home needs. Our extending line offers an assortment of LED products from simple to extravagant illumination.

Since its establishment in 2010, AXOM LIGHTS has always succeeded to meet customer way of life trends and the regularly changing demands of technology. Our lighting products consolidate durability, energy efficiency, safety, and eco-friendly technologies to illuminate and transform surroundings. Regardless of where you’re lighting, we have a full scope of decorative and handy LED products.


Envisioning Brighter Horizons with Every Innovation

We seek to be the best one-stop solution provider for complete LED lightings requirements from basic lights to advanced and automated space illumination projects. We want to be a LED lighting superstore, giving proficient eco-friendly lighting solutions to our customers, empowering them to reduce costs, conserve energy, and most importantly protect the environment.


Lighting Up Lives with Cutting-Edge Solutions and Unmatched Quality

We are focused on delivering the most effective and innovative lighting solutions with high-quality LED products and services. We instruct and empower conceivable value-added LED retro discussions to save our planet Earth. By doing as such we help people, governments, associations, to cut expenses with long term benefits.